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First Time Home BUYERS! - 4 SUPER IMPORTANT Tips You Should Know BEFORE Getting Started

1) Get pre-approved with lender (know what you can afford, know what your monthly expenses will be and your closing cost in addition to your down payment. You don't want to start looking at homes out of your price range and then get disappointed)

2) Create your buying criteria list! Breakdown your wants and your absolute needs. If buying with husband, wife, partner, it's super important to know what the other considers and want or a need so you’re on the same page.

3) Get real familiar with the areas you want to buy in before you start working with a realtor/agent/broker. Drive them, check them out online, read reviews, know schools, etc. This will save you a ton of time!

4) Work with a strong experienced agent or broker who knows how to negotiate and who knows how to write offers for you that benefit YOU. This can literally save you thousands of dollars throughout your transaction.

For some advice from real world experience watch this short video!

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